Norway Sledding With Alvilde Abelsen


Snowmobile Athlete Spotlight with Alvilde Abelsen Name: Alvilde Kristiansen Abelsen Age: 20 years old From: Alta, Norway Instagram: @alvildeee MTNMOB Ambassador   How Did You Get Into Snowmobiling?   Ever since I was a little girl we have owned snowmobiles. I loved the feeling of riding this amazing machine that could take us everywhere. Even […]

MTNMOB Fantasy Football Survival League

We’re doing a Yahoo Fantasy Football Survival League this year. Be excited. I thought this would be a great way to bring the MTNMOB community together in a little competitive environment. If you’ve never participated in fantasy sports, ever, don’t be scared. If you’ve done fantasy football in the past, but not a survival pick’em […]

Breaking A World Record With Grit And Rock

masha featured

We get photos sent to us daily on our Instagram page. A few months ago we received a couple amazing photos of climbing Everest from an Instagram user known as @GritandRock. After a few back and forths, we learned that @GritandRock aka Masha Gordon was an insanely talented adventure seeker looking to break the women’s […]