2019 Ultimate Snowmobile Comparison: Polaris // Arctic Cat // Ski-Doo

polaris ski-doo arctic 2019 snowmobile comparison
The 2019 snowmobile unveiling has come to an end. Which means the season of trash talking has begun…like all those Ski Doo vs Polaris trash talk! A few days ago on our Instagram channel, we held a poll to see which new 2019 sled, riders were loving. [NOTICE: SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE FOR THE COMPARISON CHART]

Which snowmobile do you think was most popular amongst the MTNMOB community?

  • Polaris Patriot 850: 67 votes
  • Arctic Cat Alpha ONE: 67 votes
  • Ski-Doo Summit X 850: 66 votes
I was thinking we’d get at least one of the sleds to pull away but it was basically dead even across the board! cheap custom snowmobile wraps (BTW, whichever sled you end up with, there’s no better way to level up than by slapping a custom sled wrap on it! Click here to see the 5 reasons why you should consider a sled wrap today.) In case you haven’t seen the new 2019 snowmobile line up, check out some of the big hitters:  

2019 Polaris 850 Pro-RMK Patriot

Polaris Pro 850 Patriot

Notable New Feature For 2019

  • Brand new Patriot 850 engine
For more details on the new 850 Patriot, go here.

2019 M 8000 Mountain Cat Alpha ONE

Arctic Cat Alpha One

Notable New Feature For 2019

  • The revolutionary Alpha ONE rear single rear suspension features a patented single beam rail system that runs down the center of the track.
alpha one single beam rail For more details on the new 2019 Alpha ONE, go here.

2019 Ski-Doo Summit X 850

ski-doo summit x 850

Notable New Features For 2019

  • Not much for the 850 but they did add a little brother to the mix: Rotax 600R E-TEC for Summit SP 146 and Summit SP 154
For more details on the new 2019 Summit X 850, go here.

Ultimate 2019 Polaris / Arctic Cat / Ski-Doo Comparison Chart


Polaris Patriot 850

Arctic Cat Alpha One

Ski Doo Summit X 850

Dry Weight420 lbs.444 lbs.446 lbs.
Length134.4 in137.3 in.135.6 in.
Width43.5 in.44.5 in.43.7 in.
Height49.125 in.50 in.54.6 in.
Fuel Capacity (gal.)11.511.79.5

So…Which one would you take out for a demo? Let us know in the comments!

One thought on “2019 Ultimate Snowmobile Comparison: Polaris // Arctic Cat // Ski-Doo

  1. James says:

    Well I would like to try each one to be truthful. Most of the three I would like to ride the Polaris 850 , 155×3″ and the 163 x2.6″ RMK

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