Best Snowmobile Gloves

best snowmobile gloves

You can’t imagine snowmobiling gear without gloves, can you?! Gloves, or should we say GOOD gloves are an irreplaceable part of your snowmobile lineup. That is why there are so many options out there to choose from. In this article, you’ll walk away confident in knowing what the best snowmobile gloves for you are. 

When buying snowmobile gloves, you may be considering, “Will I freeze in them?” Most often, synthetic fibers act as small-sized “heater”. They insulate heat well, dry quickly and continue to warm your hands even when wet. However, Leather gloves are generally warmer than synthetic ones.

Some gloves are designed for riding in warm weather – these include gloves with a membrane that protects your hands from the wind, and as a rule, on sunny and warm days, this is more than enough. 

But whether you freeze or not depends not only on the gloves you choose and the temperatures outside but also on your own sensitivity to the cold. Some people can safely ride on frosty days with light insulation, while others prefer to wear warm gloves always. 

Snowmobile gloves are significantly warmer than ordinary ones, without having additional volume and weight. Always consider comfort – however, the insulation should not interfere with the movement of fingers and wrists. Also, pay attention to the fastening, the elastics, the belts, the straps, etc.

If you are not a fan of big mountain riding or high speed trail riding in frigid temperatures, you are unlikely to have problems with frozen hands – light insulation and breathable fabrics are suitable for you, but you should always have a second pair to change regardless of leisure riding or backcountry riding.

What do you say we get started? In case you’re running late for the hills and want a few of our top quick pick winners, check these out:


Klim Togwotee Glove509 Ignite Glove (heated)Castle X Platform Glove

Now, before we show you our top picks for the best snowmobile glove, you should know that there are many selection criteria that you need to consider:

  • the types of fabrics (natural and artificial leather, synthetic fabrics)
  • design, details such as pockets, fastening, integrated protection

Here are some of the most important things you need to look for:


The materials are usually different depending on whether you are wearing mittens or gloves. You want leather or dense synthetics with a waterproof membrane located somewhere in the centre of the glove. 


If it’s not comfortable, you won’t grip the snowmobile handles properly, and you will lose your grip. Water resistance and comfort aren’t necessarily the best option, nor do they equal the warmest snowmobile gloves. Your gloves are more than just a snowmobile accessory; they should blend in with the rest of your snowmobile gear while still keeping you comfortable.


It depends on insulation levels and materials, but also on the rest of your equipment. You need a suitable snowmobile jacket, as well as a tight armband to make sure that body heat does not escape through it. 


Waterproofing is dependant on the waterproof membrane layer and associated materials. For example, leather is much more water-resistant than synthetic materials simply because of the nature of the material. If you end up with a bad seal, it’s like you don’t have any gloves at all.


The level of movement that the glove permit is absolutely monumental in determining if you will be able to hang on to your snowmobile at all times. If this is your first time snowmobiling, you’re going to want gloves with improved grips and a bit more mobility (although you could sacrifice a bit of heat retention).

Types of Snowmobile Gloves

Every type of glove has its use its own time and place to be used. In some cases, they are used in different winter sports. These are the two types of snowmobile gloves that you are going to come across.

Gloves. All five fingers. These are always better for snowmobiling because you need to use your fingers for the throttle and break.

With gloves, you also have more direct contact, which will allow you to mould your hands when driving your snowmobile much more effectively. 

Mittens – Mittens hold your four fingers together, which promotes blood circulation and good heat distribution. Although we don’t recommend using mittens for snowmobiling, we’ll include them here more so you know that they area type of cold-weather glove, but not recommended for snowmobiling.

Now that we got those things out of the way, let’s dive into our list of the best snowmobile gloves on the market!

Here are they:

Klim Togwotee Glove

Best Snowmobile Klim Glove

At the top of our list, the KLIM Togwotee glove brings a fantastic example of high-performance snowmobile gloves.  The wide cuffs make them super easy to slip in, and cover up over your coat ends. No more snow sneaking into your glove, or up your coat sleeve. You’ll truly love all that extra warmth!

If you ride a snowmobile frequently and worry about staying warm, these gloves are the ones for you. You can scroll on your phone with the user-friendly touchscreen design, and feel free to view those selfies directly on the snowmobile – nothing is stopping you. 

  • High Performance
  • Easy to put on/off
  • Touchscreen Friendly

Klim Powerxross Glove

Klim Powerxross Glove

This model has characteristics that allow it to adapt to your snowmobile needs. Note that it is made with a textile made of polyester and leather. The combination of these materials offers great comfort. These are comfortable and warm gloves with tips designed for touch screens. They are extremely functional and mobile.

Moreover, this is a great snowmobile glove option for those technical riders who are throwing their hands all over the place.

  • Combination of polyester and leather
  • Touchscreen precision 
  • Strong grip

509 Backcountry Ignite Glove

509 Ignite Glove

Some might consider the ignite glove as the top of the line, state-of-the-art snow gloves from 509. We have to start with the most important feature: heated sections powered by a lithium-ion battery. Run time on low up to 5 hours, high setting 2.2 hours, so you won’t run into locked joints and frozen fingers as you hit those early morning freezing temps over and over again. 

They are made from 5TECH waterproof breathable materials. They have a great mix of leather to keep water out and your warmth in. You get an extremely comfortable polyester liner, keeping your hands warm and cushioned for the duration of your snowmobile trip and with every descent through patches of perfect powder. 

You can use the loops on the outside of the wrist to tighten and secure your snowmobile gloves, as well as the extra pull cords along the long cuffs to keep the water out and your hands dry. 

  • 5TECH waterproof
  • Heated Sections

509 Backcountry Glove

509 Backcountry Glove

509 might be better known for their Goggle/Helmet lineup but they do get serious when it comes to snowmobile gloves, especially when you see the price: they offer a ton of absolute value in this space. They boast some of the best industry-leading grip and durability.

You’ll get high-quality waterproofing, but once again, there’s even more to love. The finger recess leaves your palm relaxed in a natural way, so you don’t feel your fingers tearing apart just for a bit of comfort. 

This allows you to use five different fit dimensions, allowing you to tighten, loosen and interact with your gloves to achieve the perfect fit before you even take the head off. 

  • High waterproofing
  • Comfortable fit
  • industry-leading grip and durability

Castle X Platform Men’s Snowmobile Gloves

Castle X Glove

Simple and economical, our best value-for-money snowmobile glove comes from Castle X.  These snowmobile gloves give you the perfect mix of a great price for budget-conscious people, plus some serious oomph that is packed under the hood. They are made from a Dobby nylon shell with Castle ColdShield insulation.

Not only do you get the superiority of the waterproof design, but you’ll also have a comfy interior to cradle your hands and keep sweat at bay. Even if you end up sweating under it, it will be absorbed and won’t saturate your fingertips if you keep using it. 

As if that wasn’t enough, you have a two-layer exterior construction to keep chunks of sleet and water spots exactly where they belong – on the outside. Combine all of this, and you’ve got an ultra-functional set of snowmobile gloves that retain heat. 

  • Great for the price to quality ratio
  • Waterproof design 
  • Comfy interior

Fly Racing Aurora Snowmobile Glove

Fly Racing Gloves

Fly Racing likes to keep it as simple as possible while giving you the best. These durable gloves come with High-grade genuine leather palm and fingertips for years of durability.

As a added bonus, they are Hipora waterproof, windproof,  with a breathable membrane that keeps you dry and warm all-day

If you fall or have an accident, you can confidently use your hands to help cushion the fall. We don’t think you will lose the grip on these snowmobile poles since you have a leather lining to keep an extra tight grip and maintain your dexterity throughout. 

Finally, you have a wrist locking mechanism that allows you to secure them securely to your wrists. Although the gloves are not particularly long, they’re designed in a really practical way. 

  • Durable desing
  • Made from leather
  • Writst-locking mechanism

FXR Mens Fuel Glove

FXR Gloves

Last but not least, we have this pair of FXR Mens Fuel Glove snowmobile gloves that provide some serious griping power. Superior insulation allows you to withstand freezing temperatures, which is simply remarkable no matter how you look at it. 

This insulation will not only keep your hands dry and warm, but you also get a breathable Hipora membrane liner. Budgeters, you can rejoice with this choice. If you’re still not sure what to look for in a pair of snowmobile gloves, check out the buying guide below, shop around, and grab the best snowmobile gloves for your specific needs.

  • Serious gripping power
  • Good for a budget

Snowmobile Gloves FAQs

What’s the best way to store snowmobile gloves?

When you get done with your ride, the worst thing you can do is place your cold, wet gloves in your snowmobiling bag without first letting them dry. Be sure to hang your gloves up to air dry or get them close to a heater without melting them for even quicker drying.

How should I wash snowmobile gloves?

Snowmobile gloves have multiple layers, so they are not easy to clean by hand. You can machine wash your gloves but make sure you use a mild, liquid detergent and run an additional wash/rinse cycle without soap to ensure complete rinse.