Best Snowmobile Helmet

best snowmobile helmet

You’re on a mission to find the best snowmobile helmet…right?

Well, like any other recreational vehicle, snowmobiles can pose serious consequences if you neglect to protect that dome of yours. You typically don’t see sledders without helmets…partially because of how cold your head would get without one. 🙂

So, if everyone is wearing them… what are they wearing? Which helmet should you get specifically for snowmobiling?

In this helpful article, we’ll go over 5 of our favorite snowmobile helmets in an attempt to hopefully help you settle on the best snowmobile helmet for your type of riding and needs.

But first… you know the drill…

5 Things to Consider when Purchasing a Snowmobile Helmet

When choosing the best snowmobile helmet, you need to consider the following:

1. Weight

Helmets are obviously supposed to be sturdy enough to withstand at least a single hard impact. Having a light and durable helmet is a must. Most helmets are manufactured from polycarbonate. A lightweight helmet is advantageous since it lessens the stress on the neck.

2. Field of Vision

A good snowmobile helmet allows for a wide field of vision. This comes by way of a good anti-fog visor or large enough face opening for snowmobile goggles.

3. Convenience

It is important that the helmet’s design incorporates a good flow of air without having the rider suffer from not breathing properly for fear of fogging up the goggles or visor.

4. Types of Helmets

To understand why there are different designs of snowmobile helmets, let’s identify first their types and their certain functions.

  • Full Face
full face helmet
Full-face Snowmobile Helmet

As the most common type of helmet (for the none mountain sled rider), its design fully covers the whole face that guarantees you protection from outside forces. The only problem is that it is not flexible to adjust to the facial features of the rider. Since its design is popular globally, it can be considered the most affordable one.


  • Modular
modular snowmobile helmet
Modular Snowmobile Helmet

These helmets solved the problem that full-face helmets have since the parts can be customized. It is also favorable in times of emergency where medical personnel can easily remove the helmet for immediate medication and for the injured rider’s comfort.


  • Snocross (MX Style)
mx snowcross helmet
MX Snowcross Snowmobile Helmet

The MX type of helmet is a stylish mix of a dirt bike helmet and the full face snowmobile helmet. For competitive riders, this is considered their favorite. It’s also customizable and can also be incorporated with other equipment like goggles. It allows for riders to customize their look and style with their goggle choice.

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5. Safety Ratings

These ratings are the most important and mandatory. They are the needed certifications that validate the safety of a certain helmet. These are the 2 most common safety rating:

  • DOT (Department of Transportation)

All transportation vehicle gears under the American economy must have DOT certification. Out of all certifications, this is a must-have. Do not even bother considering buying a snowmobile helmet without this.

  • ECE (Economic Commission for Europe)

For European customers, this is the equivalent of DOT. The agency samples the helmets for quality standards.

Best Snowmobile Helmet Comparison Chart

Best Snowmobile Helmets on the Market for 2021

Among those available in the market, each of the following 5 products can be considered as the top snowmobile helmet. All of them are available on Amazon at very affordable prices.

1. 509 Altitude Helmet with Fidlock

One of the leaders in snowmobile gears, 509 continues to manufacture helmets while incorporating the latest technology available. Their Fidlock technology, which uses the revolutionary magnetic strap innovation, is the best safety feature they had to offer. The said technology guarantees high head security while allowing the rider to open easily.

These altitude helmets feature customizable elements, like a removable cold weather breath box for example. In terms of safety, it features an innovative dual density that interlocks an EPS foam liner which serves as the highest crash protection if an accident occurred. The front chin area is designed with expanded polyurethane chin insert to provide protection from frontal impact.

The helmet also comes with excellent ventilation thanks to its 8 vent ports. The aerodynamic visor is uniquely being locked in place through a locking-top center mount. The helmet is available in at least 8 sizes which are all meticulously designed with 3 outer shell molds compared to the usual 2.

This gives you a fit that is precise and compact while providing unmatched comfort. It is also crafted to fit perfectly the 509 goggles.

Other Key Features:

  • Custom-fit (designed especially for North America)
  • Weighs only 2 pounds
  • Peripheral vision at optimum with class-leading eye port opening
  • Removable and washable premium liner
  • Approved by DOT, the FMVSS 218 Standard, the California Air Resources Board (CARB)

2. KLIM F3 Helmet

KLIM is a company that is rooted in snowmobile gears. After years of experience, they tend to address their design issues directly from their customers’ feedbacks. One of the fruits of adapting to cultural and trend changes is their snowmobile helmets.

KLIM had developed an unconventional approach in their helmet designs by combining the smooth and stable aerodynamics with smart ventilation design and a superior liner system. For optimal comfort, this helmet comes with 13 intake vents and 6 exhaust vents.

It also uses the revolutionary Fidlock technology which enables the user to securely lock the helmet in place and at the same time easily remove it when needed. The helmet’s lightweight design enables you to perform comfortably without the worry of the durability.

Other Key Features:

  • Structure Mapped Composite construction of the outer shell
  • Weighs around 5 pounds
  • Removable moisture-wicking anti-microbial liner
  • Approved by ECE

3. FXR Blade Force Helmet

FXR is a company that started as a clothing store and evolved focusing on high-performance snow gear and rider wear. Along with the owner’s personal experience, the designs are according to what the rider really needs as the helmet is being worn in.

One of the company’s latest product, the Blade Force Helmet, is superior in many ways. As for the shell, it is made of super-lite composite fiber from the aerospace grade Carbon fiber. It has 3 sizes for that optimum fit and comfort as well as a great air-flow integrated mouthpiece.

The peak has a soft bumper made out of rubber for that needed protection and durability. For that ease of removing and wearing the helmet, it has a titanium double D-ring buckle that enables quick releasing. To provide comfort, the helmet is engineered with the 365 vent control for that year-round usability.

Other Key Features:

  • Weighs 4.8 pounds
  • Adjustable ultra hi-flow shape for reducing drag and for snow protection
  • Rear diffuser tuned for better transfer of impact load to compatible neck braces
  • Removable and washable comfort liner
  • Progressive density cheek pads
  • Approved by DOT and ECE

4. Fly Racing Kinetic Helmet

FLY racing has been committed to delivering top-quality sports gear and apparel. The company is inspired by the intensity of any sports race and adventure. Through that dedication, their helmets are, without a doubt, fruits of their passion and effort.

This helmet offers an impressive fit, superior workmanship, and daring original artwork. As one of the popular helmets in the line, it has a list of features that validates its high quality.

The product is equipped with the signature ventilation system of FLY. The outer shell is made out of lightweight polymer, making it durable and convenient. It has a dual-density EPS that provides improved protection for big impacts.

Other Key Features:

  • Removable comfort liner
  • Weighs 2.1 pounds
  • Approved by DOT

5. Fox Racing V2 Hayl Helmet

Fox Racing has been a global leader in terms of manufacturing gear and apparel for motorsports and biking adventures. As the brand became reliable, it extends its coverage to snow sports. With its athlete-driven philosophy, their helmets are designed to perform in the most extreme environments.

This V2 helmet has set a standard for mid-level types. The new Hayl helmet is equipped with the Magnetic Visor Release System that comes in handy in an event of a crash. The trademark “Fluid Inside” is designed to properly and safely allocate the energy received during impact during a crash accident.

Another trademark feature is the dual-density Varizorb EPS liner which provides improved protection through scattering the impact’s forces across a wide surface area. It also has 4 shells and 4 EPS sizes. For convenience, there are 11 intake vents and 4 exhaust vents.

Other Key Features:

  • Weighs 5 pounds
  • Lightweight Injection molded PC & ABS shell construction that aids in dispersing energy from crash impact
  • EPP/PU Chin bar that helps in maintaining lower weight while managing the energy during impact
  • Removable and washable XT2 comfort liner and cheek pads with moisture-wicking properties
  • Approved by DOT and ECE

Final Thoughts

Each one of these snowmobile helmets are some of the best snowmobile helmets on the snowmobile gear market. Your choice will ultimately depend on your personal needs, preferences, and style but as far as quality is concerned, they’re certainly among the leading helmets out there.

Good luck in your quest for finding the best snowmobile helmet and stay safe out there!